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Vize ve Final Soruları / Pamukkale Üniversitesi / İngilizce Dersi

Final Sınavına Yönelik Konuşma Soruları

1. Can you talk about your personality? (Are you an introverted or extroverted person? Are
you a serious/funny/decisive person? Would you like to be different? What makes you
generally angry?)
2. What’s the best place have you ever been to? (When did you go there? Did you like that
place? Do you want to go there again? Do you want to live there?)
3. Have you ever seen any films recently? What did you see?/Did you enjoy it? /Who were
the actors or actresses? /What was the plot about?)
4. Do you think English is a difficult language to learn? (Why are you learning English? /
What is the most difficult thing about English? /How often do you practice your English?
5. If you were a millionaire, how would you spend your money? (Would you give some to
charities? / Would you buy a house or a car etc.?)
6. What are the forms of transportation? Which do you prefer to travel: by car, by plane, by
train or by ship? Why?
7. Compare travelling by car, train and plane in Turkey. /Which of them is the safest? /
Which of them is the most /the least expensive?)
8. What should/ shouldn’t you do when you are driving a car? / Do people have to wear their
seat – belts when driving in Turkey? / What three things do you think are the most dangerous
when driving? Why? )
9. Who is your best friend and why is he/she is your best friend?( When did you meet her/
him? /What do you usually talk about when you meet? / What’s he/she like? )
10.What would your dream house be like if you designed it? (Where would it be? /What kind
of house/ flat would it be? /What special features would it have?)
11. Can you talk about your hometown? What is it famous for? Do you like your hometown? If yes,
12. Can you think of a film which made you laugh/ cry a lot? ( What was the plot of the film?)
13. How do movies or television influence peoples’ behavior?
14. What are the effects of computer on our everyday lives?
15. What do you think is the best invention of the 21st century?
16. Are you for private education or state schools? Why?
17. Who is a good teacher? What are the characteristics of a good teacher?
18. What are the best ways of learning English?
19. Why do people go abroad? Give at least three reasons
20. What are the main reasons why people commit crimes? What makes some people
become criminals? Is it poverty, upbringing, lack of education, unemployment or
something else?
21. Why should people go to university?
22. What kind of natural disasters can you think of? Have any natural disasters been in the
news recently?
23. Which books, films and songs do you think are masterpieces? Why do they appeal to
24. What are the things that a good university should have? (facilities, staff, equipment…)
25. Do you think that women drivers are better drivers than men? Give reasons to explain
your idea.
26. Have any adverts impressed you? Which ones? Why?
27. What makes a good place for a vacation?
28. Is the design of a product important to you? Why/ Why not?
29. Women should not work. Do you agree with this idea? Why or why not?
30. What is beauty? Which people do you think are the most beautiful in the world? What
makes them beautiful?
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